Lesbian Dating Rules

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There’s a right way and a wrong way to start dating and begin a lesbian relationship. These rules will make your life better and happier — and make dating a lot less crazy!

End One Relationship Before Beginning Another. In other words, be really single — not just almost single but completely single. Stop trying to keep your feet in both worlds. Make a decision to get out, or get in there and work on making it better.

If you’re single and looking, don’t go and get your heart attached to someone who isn’t sure if she’s done, who’s just checking out the single scene to decide if she’s done for sure, or no. Wait to find someone who is really single, or if it’s you, be really single. Period.

Go out of your comfort zone. If you’re frequenting the same bars and parks you go to and have a hard time finding a lesbian date, then it clearly means you’re just running around in circles.

If you want to meet new people, be prepared to go out of your comfort zone. Go to different bars, even a gay bar. There you won’t go wrong. And you won’t feel so embarrassed or chastised for approaching another woman.

What to wear? One of the best things about being part of the LGBT community is you can’t be afraid to be yourself. In fact, it is encouraged. The women who you’d want to date will be drawn to your authenticity. So when it comes to lesbian dating, don’t be afraid to go as yourself. Just because you’re a lesbian doesn’t mean you’re expected to look a certain way. That’s totally not the case.

Plan a creative date. As with any date, make yours memorable. Your date will find it extremely endearing that you’ve taken extra care to make your date special and unforgettable. Take your date somewhere she’s never been before.

Or if you know she’s into poetry, take her to that spoken word bar you’ve been dying to go to as well. If she’s a foodie, try to wow her by learning to cook a recipe and preparing a romantic dinner at your place.

Online dating is your best friend. Now, this is a no-brainer. These days, there are tons of social media sites dedicated to the lesbian community. As a newly out lesbian, this is no time to be prim and smug. If you really find it hard to find a date in real life, try out ClickDate or other apps. You’ll be surprised to find out a vast community out there who likes you or the things that you like too.

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